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In a world where God rules, a man seeking vengeance tries to kill her, an atheist falls in love with her, her guardian tries to protect her from the madness of her time, the legitimate heir of the celestial theocracy seeks his crown, a poor child abandons everything to commune with angels, a woman renounces her life-bearing nature to become a killer, and God delves deeper into the secrets of her world to find the truth.

One question lingers in her mind; what was the cost of creation and are we still paying for it?

Science Fantasy Novel: Book 1

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The Atlas of Dreams is a five-episode series, starting with Sins of the Maker, the setup and beginning of the rising conflict brought about by our search of transcendence and the paths we take towards it. After the stars have lost their energy and the universe reaches its final breaths, humanity strives for paradise. But the cost of it can be too great for those who must choose for the rest of us.

Series Characteristics:

Book 1: Sins of the Maker

Book 2: The Weight of our Crimes

Book 3: Those who Bear Fangs at God

Book 4: The Wings of Our Kindness

Book 5: Children of Ends

*Written already.

Series Characteristics:

Fantasy / Science Fiction

Futuristic-medieval setting, Multiple Viewpoints

Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. Contains mature themes, strong language, occasional blood and gore. 

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- Author Bio -

Daniel Cuervonegro is a historian, illustrator, teacher & writer born in Bogotá, Colombia, with over 15 years of writing experience. He first published a Tabletop Roleplaying Game by the name Eoris Essence, nominated to the 2010 Ennies awards for its art and design. Daniel lives in Bogotá where he teaches world history, geography and creative writing.

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