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Book 1: Sins of the Maker

Book 2: The Weight of our Crimes

Book 3: Those who Bear Fangs at God

Book 4: The Wings of Our Kindness

Book 5: Children of Ends

The Atlas of Dreams deals with philosophical and political themes, uses sporadic mature language and violence, and explores ideas of religion and moral emancipation in a fantasy setting. It is, at heart, a story about relationships, about love, and the costs of our choices.


Series Characteristics:

Fantasy / Science Fiction

Futuristic medieval setting

Multiple Viewpoints

Content is suitable for ages 15 and up. 

Number of Pages: 776


Art Included in Book 1:

4 Planetary Maps

4 City Maps

4 Magic and Tech


Kindle $2.99 - Paperback $25

Book 1 written and Published /

Book 2 written / Book 3 in process


The Atlas of Dreams is a five-episode series, starting with Sins of the Maker, the setup and beginning of the rising conflict brought about by our search of transcendence and the paths we take towards it. After the stars have lost their energy and the universe reaches its final breaths, humanity strives for paradise. But the cost of it can be too great for those who must choose for the rest of us.

Follow the lives of seven protagonists as they endure the challenges of their time in the face of great spiritual upheaval and political turmoil. Explore the choices of the incarnation of God, a girl with the power to feed stars their light and machines their power; learn of an atheist in a world where God lives and how he struggles to find a moral balance where there seems to be none; unravel the political conspiracy that seeks to undermine the Imperium or exalt it to new heights; see the way soldiers fight in the armies of men and how their dreams make or break the future; meet with the frailty of childhood and how it can change under the fires of war; feel the inner struggle of a man destined for greatness yet drowning in the sorrows of regret, and see what happens when a man that has lost everything is given the power to do anything.


This is the Atlas of Dreams, our world expiring, our conscience rising.