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– The Magic of Solaria –

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Fire is the force keeping the stars warm and bright, the people fed, and civilisation thriving. It is giver of life and its protector. It is the power bestowed on humanity by God, relinquished from the palm of her hands unto ours, so we can make the world she dreams. With it we power the machines that populate the galaxy and its Gardens; Relics made by God like she makes the river and the mountain, the beast and the man. With it we cast the magic of her Prayers unto our world, moulding it to our God-inspired demands so one day, when we are ready, we can return to the Paradise that was promised, the home we lost and dream to see again.


Élan, the First: the power to breathe life into a Relic or enhance one’s own physical and mental capacities. 

Contact, the Second: the power to communicate with Relics and the living. 

Squall, the Third: to create a telekinetic wind that moved the world. 

Morph, the Fourth: which granted the capacity to modify living bodies for better or worse.

Heat, the Fifth: to control temperatures. 

Vision, the Sixth: common as well to the Readers and Speakers, which delved into the realms of far-sight and the power of knowledge. 

Mould, the Seventh, the ability to shape matter like one shapes clay.

Gravity, the Eighth: the power to control forces.

Blink, the Ninth: the power to teleport and move boundless and free.

Time, the Tenth: the ability to know the past and sense the likely future. 

Bond, the Eleventh: the power to read minds.

And Terror, the Twelfth: the gift of controlling minds.

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