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God -

The Thirty-fourth incarnation of God. In her hands rests the energy to preserve life and to keep the stars warm in an old and cold universe.

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Saviour -

An atheist at heart, he searches for purpose on his own terms and fights the religious morality of his age with stern silence and humble obedience to his cruel master. A knight in training, if he succeeds he will become an Erelim Sil, a Guardian of God. 


Wanderer -

A man that has lost everything and has been given the power to do anything. He embarks on a quest to slay God and those who serve her. 


Guardian -

Lord General of the Guardians of God, sworn to protect her at all costs, even as madmen rise against the very preserver of life.

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Messiah -

Last heir of the Theocratic line that once ruled the Realm, he now looks for God's forgiveness in a quest for understanding and redemption. 


Soldier -

Once the heir to a noble clan's Throne and dreaming of a meaningful existence, she is now dubbed a man and put in the line of duty, with those that are deemed expendable. 


Boy -

He has abandoned everything, even his name, and identity, to commune with angels and find who he truly is and if there's really a way for a poor, forgotten soul, to ever reach the hands of God.  


Messenger -

He who brings God's incarnation after every hundred-year cycle. He awaits the Time of Beginning as ordained by the Heavens.  

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